Videos of Note

Believe it or not, we do some fun things around here. Some can be posted on YouTube, while others can not. We’ll occasionally link to some of our better moments on this page.

Family Planning
The Tyler-Miller children discuss the careful planning that kept this family growing.
Steve Miller's Sunday Surprise
Pastor Steve Miller of the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Vermillion, South Dakota has the beginning of his 9/20/09 service replaced by a 'new and improved' introduction. Several years ago, Steve had seen a glitzy introduction used in a San Francisco church and had occasionally mentioned how much he liked it. Friends in the congregation bided their time and then sprung it on him, rendering him speechless for perhaps the first time in his pastoral career.
College World Series 2009
A good group of friends were lucky enough to sing the national anthem at Game 4 of the 2009 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. University of Southern Mississippi vs. University of Texas. Singers: Anthony Burbach, Parker Knox, Troy Stephens, Brad Richardson, Steve Miller, David Hulac, Thor Gesteland, Kurt Hackemer, Blake Benson.
Shine on Me (sort of)
From the 2011 USD College of Arts & Sciences holiday party, celebrating the liberal arts.